Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown is the Board Secretary for RYC, and serves on the Governance and Human Resources Committees. She is the RYC designated Board Representative on the Pullman Community Center Board of Directors. Ms. Brown is a very energetic, caring, creative, well organized individual and a great leader. She has displayed these qualities in her work experiences over the years, but mostly the combination of all as the Chief of Staff for 9th Ward Alderman Anthony A. Beale. Her leadership skills are shown as she has managed approximately 30 employees over the 18 years in this position. Her creative and organizational qualities have been shown through the hundreds of community projects created and executed through the office of Alderman Anthony A. Beale. Her energy is shown with the constant enthusiasm of all projects. She is well-known by others within the political arena, the 9th Ward constituents, as well as her staff and family as a caring person.

As the Chief of Staff, she has managed her team to budget, plan, organize, and execute annual Back to School Picnics and Health Fairs, Annual Senior Thanksgiving Dinners, and Christmas in the 9th Ward….to just list a few. Because of the involvement of the Alderman and his office, the constituents of the 9th Ward take part of the events, not just as participants, but volunteers as well. The local schools have also joined in to assist in various events, which shows community coming together.

As the secretary for the Roseland Youth Center, she is responsible for assuring that all minutes are recorded and that all records are filed. Being a Director for the Roseland Little League requires her to work with the board assisting in recruiting children for the league with daily activities during the season. As the Rose Foundation Treasurer, she is responsible for assuring that all 990’s, as well as the annual reports for the Secretary of State are filed timely and accurately. As the treasurer for Citizens for Beale she has been responsible for quarterly D2 reports and the annual report for the Secretary of State are filed timely & accurately for 19 years.

Even with her work and community obligations she is still active in her church. Over the years she has been the President of the Women’s Ministry, Youth Group Ministry, Single’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and Missionary. She presently serves on the Greeters Ministry as the treasurer and volunteers as an usher. She has received various certificates for acts of service, but the one she is proud of is from the City of Chicago for receiving the Good Neighbor Award during the snow program. Most importantly she remains active in the lives of her family, extended family and friends. With all she is involved in Vanessa still finds time for her favorite pass times, which are camping, dancing, jigsaw puzzles, reading, and traveling. “When people respect you as a person, they admire you. When they respect you as a friend, they love you. When they respect you as a leader, they follow you.” John C. Maxwell