Corporate Events

Gather your company, organization, church group, family, team, associates, and pals and come to Pullman CC as a reward and a motivator, to stimulate creativity and decrease stress. Or simply to have a great time together. At Pullman CC, team building revolves around fun activities chosen to help group members develop their capacity to work together effectively. Some activities are like children’s games, and others are more complex, collaborative efforts. When the ultimate goal is realized, team members are renewed, refreshed and re-booted.

Team-Building Activities

Team building is available all year long at Pullman CC. So reserve your date and prepare to amaze yourself as part of a great team.

              • Obstacle Course
              • Kickball
              • Dodgeball
              • Soccer Skills
              • Tug-Of-War
              • Win, Lose or Draw
              • Flag Football